Starting 2017 off with a super yummy post – happy new year to all! *kanpai*

img_0438Starting off with a fresh plate of mixed sashimi – salmon, tuna, kingfish, oysters…man, the generous cuts and the slices literally melted in the mouth.img_0442

*deep breaths*

can we please just take a moment to admire this piece of wagyu…..the fat on this literally just made me drool as we sizzled it away. The juices all came flowing out and hardly needed to chew as it dissolved away in my mouth.img_0449img_0451

Moving on to the Wagyu short ribs – fully marbled and definitely a prime cut.img_0455

This Premium Wagyu Amusement platter really displays a variety of cuts, and definitely great to start out with. Raging from loin, rib, tongue, etc – there are slight differences in the texture but nonetheless all very droolworthy!


We chose to pair this with the radish ponzu, which went amazingly well with a slight tinge of saltiness and sourness to balance and cut away the fattiness.


You can literally see the glistening fats on the meat, mmm~img_0477And last but not least we had the unagi (eel) don to top it all off. Beautifully seared with plenty of teriyaki sauce, and perfectly cooked sushi rice – yum!

Thank you again Washoku Lovers for this amazing experience! What an amazing way to celebrate my anniversary with my partner. Be sure to sign up to the membership, which is complimentary, for more exclusive promos and offers!

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